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2nd Anniversary

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This post was written 3 weeks ago but for some reason I never put in on our Blog.


I am writing this letter to you 36,000 ft in the sky, on the 2nd Anniversary of PsyQuation going live. The past few days have been tremendously emotional as I flew to Kiev to spend time in our office there for the first time, as well as meet most of our growing staff which now numbers 15 full-timers and 3 part-timers.


It has been some time since I wrote my last letter and I would like your indulgence for this to be a more reflective letter, not too focused on the specifics of what lies ahead but rather focus on what has passed and see what we have learned from it, but before doing so I want to say a special thank you to my friend and long time business partner of more than 8yrs Vladimir Krouglov.


Mate, I couldn’t have done it without you. Together we compliment each others skill set and above all else, we trust each other without exception. Thanks for coming along on this exciting but rocky journey with me.


Today we have a growing team which is likely to continue to grow, I will speak more about this shortly but I want to thank the team for all your efforts and commitment to helping make PsyQuation great.


“Unless you are constantly practicing it, this dying and being reborn, you are only a guest on this dark planet earth.” Goethe 


This may sound like a dark subject matter to be talking about at a time of celebration but there is a lot of transformative depth and power to the idea of death and rebirth. For purposes of this discussion, we will stick to its psychic form.


Have you ever wondered why in some cases people who were tremendously successful at a school fail to translate their success to university and then on to their business careers?


Allow me to use a practical example to illustrate my point. A 14yr old boy who listens to his parents and teachers and does all his homework as expected is rewarded with high marks making him feel good about himself and the way others treat him.


As time goes on and he is confronted with more and more difficult academic tasks together with social distractions and competing extra curricular activity such as sports and guitar, he now finds himself unable to maintain the high marks he used to achieve and his sporting achievements are at best average. He misses his parents adoration about his brilliant achievements and he becomes depressed with his life.


The problem this boy is experiencing is that he is relating to the world from the perspective of his 14yr old self, used to the adoration of parents that make him feel special because he is doing so well, but he is 21 now and no longer a 14 yr old high achieving star. This is when it becomes important for him (for us) to kill off that 14yr old boy and to give birth to a new 21yr old man who is trying his best to reach his potential with his God given talents under the current circumstances.


When Vlad and I started this journey 2yrs ago we were at a different stage in our and PsyQuation’s life. We did the best we could with limited resources, we worked around the clock, we analyzed everything we were doing, we were ruthlessly honest with one another if we believed we made a mistake. We never dwelt on our failings we just pushed harder to find a better solution and do it as best as we could.


But now that we have reached our second anniversary it’s time to kill off the old PsyQuation and rebirth a new one. We kickstart this new beginning with a new website. If you visit you will see a fresh new look, also during this month of June we are going to bring to life the investment side of our platform where investors will be able to invest in some of the exciting talent.


To tackle this new beginning we have bolstered our balance sheet and we have important strategic partnerships in place to help us achieve our goal.


PsyQuation’s goal has always been to help traders make more profits. We will do this in many ways but we will do it as a research lead company with exceptional talent. We will provide our traders with the best tools and analysis to help become more profitable. With our unique ability to identify trading talent primarily through the PsyQuation Score™ we will help match talent with capital and help our community trade more money and hopefully make more profits. We will provide our community with a platform that caters for sharing and a sense of belonging and is simply just a cool fun place to hangout.


In conclusion I address this to the PsyQuation team working all day to help make this company special.


A new journey has just begun. Just because you did things a certain way before doesn’t mean it’s the way you need to do it today, even if you did it well in the past.


You need to think deeply about what kind of company we are today and where we want to be in the future; we need to continue to do everything in our power to make it happen with excellence and integrity. I am confident you can do it.


Speaking personally I know how I have had to make a shift in my thinking to move from a smaller mindset to a much larger one and I ask you all to do the same. I also wish to stress bigger is not necessarily better and more is not always better than less. We need to tackle our future through curiosity, hard work and a desire to make a meaningful difference.


It’s been a tremendously rewarding and growing experience leading this company for the past 2yrs and I hope in the next 2yrs I will be sharing the same exciting death and rebirth sentiments of a company making even bigger steps to changing the global trader and investor landscape.


Looking forward to more profitable trading together. 


The PsyQuation Team


MidYear Performance Review PQ Release Notes 25.06.2018