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Dr Susan David, Ph.D. a lecturer at Harvard says:

“The term ‘mindfulness’ has become such a buzzword, especially in business circles, that there’s now a bit of a backlash. Or there is confusion because of the flowery language that sometimes accompanies explanations of it.

That’s why it may be easier to understand what mindfulness is really all about by first looking at its opposite: mindlessness.

Mindlessness so easily leads us down the path of getting hooked. It’s the state of unawareness and autopilot. You’re not really present. Instead you’re relying too heavily on rigid rules or shopworn distinctions that haven’t been thought through.”

To me this is precisely what PsyQuation software is all about. Our software is a mindfulness device, we are bringing to the traders conscious awareness information that they may not be aware of for a host of different reasons. Being aware is the first step on your journey towards a more profitable trading experience. You cannot fix things you are not aware of and you cannot harness strengths that you are not aware of.

Enjoy a more mindful trading experience with PsyQuation.



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