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A Trading Lesson Applied to Real Life

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I was annoyed with myself this week, as I hadn’t realised it was a big news day with the Australian Reserve Bank announcing their interest rate decision and I had just placed a trade on AUDUSD. The minute someone in the office told me that the market was getting excited for the announcement I realised my mistake but worse than that I didn’t do anything about it.

Of course I was stopped out of the trade even though it was the right trade in an ordinary market. See our blog here for deeper insights. In the near future we will be adding a news alert to our system.

So let me tell you how learning from this experience helped me in a real life situation last night.

I was catching the train home, it was peak commuter traffic so we were bunched up. The next minute this psychotic lunatic starts shouting “make way”, I was slap bang in his path and I found it difficult to move. This pissed him off and he started mouthing some expletives, which got me a little upset, so I told him to back off. Hmmm, was that wise of course he spun around and approached me looking for a fight. I am an athletic 107kg with a bad temper and he couldn’t have weighed more than 70kgs and he was tripping on some hectic stuff. He tried to hit me in the face but I caught his hand and pushed him away. Everything happened in slow motion for me and I didn’t feel one bit threatened. I pushed him away and told him to get stuffed.

He shouted a little more and made off into the sunset. So what lesson did I apply?

Just like markets around news events act randomly, this guy was out of control high and his actions were totally unpredictable. Did he have a knife or a gun, who knows what he could have done to me. With my trading around the news lesson earlier in the week I chose not to get involved. Ok I got a little involved and then decided I should back off. Alls well that ends well.




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