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Advanced Stats – Sneak Peak

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Next week we will be releasing our Advanced Statistics tab in the PsyQuation software (see pic below). We are super excited by this addition to our software offering. Users of our software will also be able to click a report generation button to get a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses present in their trading account. In addition there will be an observation deck feature where you will be able to invite people to monitor your account performance providing greater transparency to the investing public.


Finally we will be releasing more details on the PsyQuation allocation process in the coming couple of weeks. We have been working hard on developing an effective way to identify trading talent. The definition of talent is a complex story and needs to be understood in a very fundamental way. We think the PsyQuation Score when we release it will be a fantastic and novel approach to the problem of identifying whether a trader has talent / “edge”.

We have already secured the partnership of more than 5 capital allocators who believe PsyQuation has the tools and expertise to assist them in identifying talent. If you have not already, please register on our Allocation page so we can begin the matching process of talent with capital. 

Looking forward to more profitable trading together. 

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