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AxiSelect Interview with Andrei Muresan

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Trading is living with uncertainty 


Name: Andrei Muresan

Country: Romania

Occupation: Trader and Money Manager

PsyQuation Score: 74

Trading account start date: 2017/11/01

AxiSelect start date: 2018/12/14

AxiSelect phase: Pro 

Master (skin in the game): A$ 36,800

AxiSelect (slave) account size:  A$ 205,800



I appreciate the freedom that comes with a trading career and the intellectual challenge of guessing the future.


I have a good educational background – I got a degree in International Transactions and passed courses on International economics, FX Power Course, Financial Investments Services Agent Course, etc. – but I am mostly self-educated in trading.


My first account went very well. Like a lot of other traders, I tried demo before going live. Now I have been trading FX for 16 years with approximately 10 brokers and banks.  


The PsyQuation Score showed me where I stand when compared to other traders. Also, it confirmed what I knew about myself before – that I am not a big-risk-taker. I am trading my own money. Trading other people’s money is a way of scaling up my business.


Trading is living with uncertainty, nevertheless, my goal is to be able to live from my trading results. I am going to reach it with AxiSelect’s help in raising more funds under management. The opportunity to scale up my activity by attracting more capital motivated me to participate in the program. Luckily, I qualified from when I learned about the program.


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