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AxiSelect Performance (5 September 2019)

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We are happy to share the latest performance of our AxiSelect program. For those of you who want to “observe” the programs performance updated on the hour, you can click on this link. The program started on 21/11/2017 and is profitable with a 13.30% return / $120,513 profit after 21 months, with a very acceptable pain to gain ratio.


To date 96 people have been incubated with a current capital allocation of A$4,227,076. What is particularly pleasing is that this performance has been achieved despite 17 accounts blowing up (kicked out the program for good due to large losses) and 6 accounts being benched until their performance allows them back into the program according to the program rules.


What we have demonstrated with our AxiSelect program is that our system is working. We have our PsyQuation Score as the filter for identifying trading talent and we have designed the program to minimize risk and ensure that participants continue to demonstrate high probabilities of future trading success to remain in the program. The program is 100% system driven with no human decision making, making it a true meritocracy. It isn’t perfect but then in trading – nothing is.







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