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AxiSelect Update Feb 2020

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The AxiSelect Capital Allocation Program that we manage on behalf of Axi has grown to more than A$10 million with more than 120 traders incubated. You can see the current performance of 15.30% below.



In the table below you can see a breakdown of the different stages of the  AxiSelect program. Incubator is the entry phase. After 2 months in Incubator you qualify for Accelerator if the specific criteria are met, and the same applies for the next phase Pro (click on the AxiSelect link to become more familiar with the criteria for inclusion).



You will notice above that there are 41 Pro’s which is the phase you need to have reached in order to be copied or become part of our portfolio in our soon to be launched alpha version copy trading program.


The phase Quarantine describes the process when a trader is stopped out due to hitting our max drawdown rule of 10% in a calendar month. This forces the trader to sit on the sidelines (quarantine/bench) for the remainder of the calendar month in which the drawdown took place plus another month as a penalty for bad trading behaviour. The other noticeable phase above is Blowup this describes when a trader is dropped out of the program with no immediate plan for re-inclusion.


What I want to highlight in the table below is the fact that the AxiSelect program is not a holy grail. As you can see in the more reflective % performance table on the right; only 41% of the traders seeded with capital are profitable in the program yet the programs performance is strong with a Sharpe Ratio after 2 yrs of more than 0.92. The reason for this success I believe is twofold: 1) Our PsyQuation Score, which is the key factor for qualification, is a good probabilistic talent scout. 2) Our programs risk management and progressive capital allocation rules approach is doing what it was designed to do, i.e. provide traders unfamiliar to managing other peoples money in a more professional way the chance to slowly grow in funds under management.


As you would expect the performance of our Pro portfolio is even better and is what we will be offering via our alpha version copy trading platform; more to follow in coming weeks.


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