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Can Good Results Come from Bad Trading Actions?

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As we go through life, we face some ethical dilemmas that may stop us on our tracks at times.

Today, I would like to look at a very interesting ethical question and see what application we can derive from it within our PsyQuation world.

Let me ask you a question, if you steal money from someone rich and give it to a poor needy person have you done a good deed? 

If you stole someones motor car and offered some random hitch-hiker a ride have you done a good deed?

What if you used the stolen car to get to the church/synagogue so that you could get to the service and pray to God, have you done a good deed? Oh and while you were in church/synagogue you put some of that stolen money in the charity box, have you done a good deed?

I love asking people around my dinner table this question and listening to their responses. Most people do not sit on the fence and get pretty vocal and emotional with the vast majority saying it is obvious that you cannot do a good deed by purposefully doing something bad first.

However, this is not necessarily the correct way of approaching this issue. What if we accepted that as human beings we are far from perfect, we make mistakes. If we look at each action independently there is certainly room to believe that a bad action is bad and a good action is good. Why can’t we accept their independence?

I am not for one minute condoning the bad action, but if it happens why be forever damned. Is it not more liberating and empowering to believe that despite having done something bad, we can still do good.

With this idea in mind I wanted to convey the same message with our PsyQuation alerts that are typically generated from bad trading behaviour.

Just because you have been alerted to some bad action it does not preclude you from taking corrective action putting you back on course to achieve your goals.

Naturally it is better not to make mistakes, but let us not fall into the emotional trap of thinking once we have done something bad that there is no hope to correct our mistakes.


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