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Beta Launch and How we Got Here

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A week from today (20 May) we will be launching a beta version of our PsyQuation software. We have had a very pleasing response so far and have a cut off of 500 beta testers to help give us that all important feedback. For those of you who haven’t gone to our landing page and registered as a beta user please do, so that we can email you next week with your login details. I have received lots of emails from people on our mailing list saying that they would love to test the software, I ask you to please register on the link above so that we don’t mistakenly leave you out.


Some History

For those of you who know me, I love telling stories, after all history is all about his story.
There is a great quote: “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. This quote resonates with me and my co-founder Vlad, we have been working together in daily collaboration for close on 6 yrs, and we have always acknowledged to build something world class requires a team of superstars. The product we will share with you next week is a collaborative effort from a highly talented team who have worked incredibly hard to make great things happen, with decades of experience captured into the users experience.

In January 2015 I pitched our vision to 2 young(ish) entrepreneurs who knew nothing about our industry. I said we need $x dollars for y% of our company and it will take us 1yr to build. The guys said ok but we would rather give you 15% of what you are asking for with an option for us to buy in according to a formulae. I said ok but your 15% of $x investment only gets you 10% of PsyQuation, and so PQ was born. [if only it was as simple as this sounds ?]

Some 16 months later we will have built our software within budget (insane who does that) but 4 months late, due to the fact that we have had the distraction of 4 rounds of angel investment, travelling a much more uncertain path but one that has enabled us the founders to hold on to more equity than our original deal, and navigate a more considered path that involved lots of discussion with industry to try and deliver something relevant for all stakeholders.

The problem of traders blowing up their accounts is well known and in many respects unsolvable, so the solution we have developed is not a holy grail, but it is a solution that has appeal to every trader no matter where they sit on the spectrum of trading talent. The foundations we have put in place are robust to the extreme and will allow us to continue to innovate and add value to the trading community for years to come.
Vlad and I have been using the software in alpha for the past 2 weeks and I am quietly confident once users come to accept the shocking truth’s about their trading behaviour and embark on a PsyQuation journey of deeper knowledge the insights learned along the way will lead to more profits.

The PsyQuation Team

PsyQuation launches using Behavioral Profiling to improve Retail FX trader performance – LeapRate Exclusive Accounting for Mental Accounting