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Capital Allocation Incubation Program

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Allocation Incubation Pilot Program


In this article, you can see how our Incubation program looked initially, back then in autumn 2017 year.
Also, here you can take a look at the current requirements for applying.


PsyQuation is finalizing the mandate with an investor who wants us to manage their capital allocation incubation program. We have designed it to incorporate 3 main themes
  1. The trader has to have skin in the game.
  2. The program is equal opportunity, small $ account sizes are not discriminated against.
  3. The capital allocated accelerates through various stages. 
The spreadsheet example below describes how the program will work. We anticipate making our first allocations for this program by the end of the month, please let us know if you think the design of the program is appealing and one more thing please share this with your talented trader friends.


Let me walk you through the spreadsheet so that it is clear. 
Theme 1,
There has to be skin in the game. We require you to trade the account with a portion of your own funds to control the temptation for excessive risk-taking.
Theme 2,
We want to give everyone the opportunity to participate:
    • $5 for every $1 for accounts between $1,000 – $25,000,
    • $3 for every $1 for accounts between $25,001 – $50,000,
    • $2 for every $1 for accounts between $50,001 – $75,000,
Theme 3,
The program is designed for regular reviews every couple of months, where our matching formulae applies if performance is tracking according to plan. These regular reviews followed by our allocations formulae, accelerate your incubation.


As per example 1, a trader starting with $1,000 of their own capital will receive $5,000 to manage. After 2 successful months that will become $25,000. After a further 3 successful months that will become $75,000 and after another 3 successful months that will be $150,000. In 8 months of successful trading on our program, a trader who starts with $1,000 can be managing $150,000.
Traders will earn 20% of the fees payable monthly subject to a high water mark and PsyQuation will earn 10% for raising the capital and managing the program.
Looking forward to more profitable trading together.


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