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Introduction The order flow sentiment index (OFSi) is the ratio between the number of open long positions to the total number of open positions in one instrument. For instance, if there are in total 1,000 open positions and 540 of them are ‘buy’ orders the OF... Read more

Profitable Market Beating Trading Strategy

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  Most traders are obsessed with finding the best trading strategy, they will spend large sums of money, invest huge amounts of time pursuing the proverbial pot of gold and in many instances over engineer the solution.   My late father always prea... Read more

Charting & News Powered by Trading View

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We are excited to add a new feature to the PsyQuation software app that is powered by the incredible TradingView. What I personally find so helpful is the ability to find daily and intraday data across every asset class: forex, futures, stocks, commodities inc... Read more