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PsyQuation Backtesting Q&A

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We launched a new offering recently called PsyQuation EA Backtester, and are here to answer some of the common questions. Be sure to check out the product page at if you haven't yet. If you are confused about what the system is or ... Read more

How to use the OFSi Trading Tools

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The Order Flow Sentiment Index (OFSi) by PsyQuation is a state-of-the-art sentiment indicator that is designed to assist retail traders in gauging the overall feeling or tone of the financial markets and then making profitable trade decisions. The unique featu... Read more


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Introduction The order flow sentiment index (OFSi) is the ratio between the number of open long positions to the total number of open positions in one instrument. For instance, if there are in total 1,000 open positions and 540 of them are ‘buy’ orders the OF... Read more

Trade Open Close Trading Tool

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I got a lot of feedback from people introducing themselves, I want to encourage you to introduce yourself. There are a couple of reasons: understanding more about our community helps us develop a platform that caters to your needs; secondly getting to know som... Read more

Preview Trade Open Close Tool

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We continue to actively look for traders to allocate capital to as part of the AxiSelect Incubation program. If you have a PsyQuation Score 75 and above with a 6 months track record you will automatically qualify. Last week we launched our Premium Tradin... Read more

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