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A Cry Baby Discovers the Power of PsyQuation Tears

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Tear Drops

I cannot remember when last I cried in physical pain. However, something interesting has happened to me in recent years and it seems like it is happening far more often than my wife and kids are comfortable with ?. I have become a cry baby, not a whimperer or wailer, but tears seem to surface on almost a daily basis as I experience my life in a pretty intense emotional way. Lets get back to my blubbing in a minute.

Have you ever wondered what purpose tears serve? I can give you a detailed physiological reason how it serves to protect the eye, but I would like to share a deeper understanding of the tear drop.

Lets assume you have healthy tear ducts and your eye is not facing any physical threat; you don’t just cry tears. Tears are a response to an emotional reaction. Tears are alerts to your conscious mind that you are feeling something deep inside.

As I have grown older and wiser I seem to be more in touch and comfortable with my emotional side. Nearly every day I seem to be moved to tears when watching a video clip of someone achieving a goal or reading something sad or happy in the newspaper or in meditation or in a deep conversation. My wife says I need to invest in a pair windscreen wipers for my eyes. What I believe is happening is that after decades of self exploration I am less defensive and fearful of feeling emotions which is allowing these feelings to manifest in tears. I now see these tears as data inputs for my conscious mind to process what is going on in my psyche.

Before I bore you all to tears lets look at how this relates to the PsyQuation feedback loop Alert system. I believe tears are a metaphor for alerts within the PsyQuation robo coach alert system. You don’t just spontaneously trigger alerts if all is healthy with your trading. The PsyQuation alerts are designed to provide you feedback to what is going on in your trading account beneath the surface. Its therefore important for you to apply your conscious mind and consider whether these alerts/tears are telling you to do something or simply providing you with insights relating to underlying risk or behaviour of your trading account. As we progress our alert development and provide you with more types of alerts I encourage you to reflect on the alerts and see what trading behaviour has caused the “tearful” response. Each alert (tear) is designed to provide you with more data about your trading behaviour to make you a better trader. You can ignore these signposts or you can see them as instructions for behavioural change and progress your journey towards being a more profitable trader.

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