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Do You Know the Most Profitable Hour for Traders

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Have you ever wondered what is the most profitable hour for traders?

And if there is such an hour, why are traders not trading during that time?

We thought you might find it interesting to see a breakdown of when traders trade the most and when they are most profitable. After trawling through a massive amount of data, here’s what we found out.

The most profitable time for traders

The first chart is an hourly representation of the 24hr trading day (take note the start is zero hour) according to UTC (universal time zone). Where you see green at the top of the hour this represents the hours that the traders are most profitable in, so the 13hr of the day is clearly the most active and most profitable trading time for the traders in our database.


The most profitable day to trade

We apply the same logic as in the previous chart but now look at the days of the week. Friday is clearly the most profitable day of the week to trade while Thursday is the most active and also the most unprofitable.


For further research, what is it about the 13th hour of the day that produces such a favourable result.


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