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An Exceptional Performance Coach

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I am not typically one for public displays of affection. In fact it usually annoys me when people make public stuff they should say or do in private. But I feel this case is slightly different and yes in the interests of full disclosure I could benefit indirectly from this, but I want to express my gratitude publicly, towards one of my business partners David Hobart in the form of a testimonial.

Dave Hobart professionally is a performance coach for traders and hedge fund managers wearing the hat of director at PsyQuation Consulting. For me personally Dave became my coach through osmosis after he invested in our company PsyQuation.

After Dave invested in our company in June 2016 he put up his hand to help in any way he could, as is his nature. What I have witnessed over the past 6 months plus is something special.

Dave is a great listener, he oozes integrity, he has a keen sense of humour, he talks straight and will ask you hard questions, he has a sharp mind, he thinks deeply, you know and feel that he cares about you and most importantly no matter how bad you think your situation is Dave first provides a shoulder to cry on and then he provides you with tangible solutions how to overcome your problem and he is in your corner cheering you on throughout the process.

Dave Hobart is one of those rare precious stones, I cannot sing his praise high enough and I am forever grateful that he is my coach, business partner and friend.

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