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Flow Diagram of Alert Logic

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You have been hearing a lot about the PsyQuation Alert system. As we are still a couple of months away from launch (May) it is a good time to start introducing you to the flow of logic behind our alert architecture. The key point here is that this diagram represent the alert as a stand alone. In a future post we will look at how 1 alert can become an ecosystem of multiple alerts.



The key takeaway we would like to leave you with is that our alert design works in a feedback loop. It doesn’t matter if you approve or ignore the alert notification, each choice cascades down a path that provides PsyQuation with information it uses to advise you the trader on how to improve your trading profitability.

If the contents of this post scare you don’t worry about it, we have designed a very easy to use work flow approach in the app, which will be intuitive and make your call to action very simple. To be continued (….)


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