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How to Deal with Your Trading Pains

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I am sure you have all experienced going to the doctor with an emergency injury of some sorts. I have always been bemused by the seeming paradox how the doctor touches and goes into the area where all the damage and pain is.

For instance last year I had an eye injury the doctor didn’t just say take some medicine, instead he put some needles in my eye and “played around”.


Going deeper into your pain

There is a similar concept in psychology where the therapist drills into the issue causing the anxiety or complex, thus bringing the issue to the surface so that we are more holistically able to deal with the problem.

One way of understanding this is to think that by identifying and acknowledging the issue consciously we are able to neutralise the “energy” contained within the emotion and render it powerless.

The making of PsyQuation

Allow me to share a very personal experience over the past two weeks. Together with my co-founder Vlad we have put our collective experience and energy into making PsyQuation the future success we believe it will be.

However, after a year of building and launching our beta version, with our full version to come later this week, there is nowhere to hide. While an idea in development can give you many data points to its possible success, the ultimate success is determined by the markets.

The past two weeks have been tremendously nerve-racking as we start to allow our minds to wonder what will the trading community think?

Confronting your anxieties

What is interesting from a psychological point of view is I have had this anxious pit in my stomach for the last two weeks. And while I had a fair idea what was causing me the anxiety, it wasn’t until I went deeper into the problem like the doctor or psychologist is prone to do, that I confronted all my anxieties that came from the fear of failure.

By going through this painful process, paradoxically I instantly felt better, more centred and less anxious.

PsyQuation Alert for traders

It was while going through this period of self-discovery that I really thought about the PsyQuation Alert, what it is and what it is designed to do. The PsyQuation alert is a tool designed to help identify the issues, complexes, biases causing you pain and suffering.

With this discovery and the way in which it is designed to help you confront the issues causing you problems, it carries within its design the healing powers required to remove problems from our trading lives.

Just like in life not all problems can be solved, however we have been designed to cope with all our problems and therefore being able to identify our issues and then confront them is the most important step towards addressing and solving our problems.


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