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Man Flu Insights for Trading

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In the lead up to the beta launch on the 20th May we were all working long hours.

I personally never slept much, and I suspected it would only be a matter of time before I got sick.

As most of you know when a man gets sick it is no ordinary flu (especially mine) which got me wondering what is the scientific thinking about man flu.

I came across an interesting study from the Stanford University of Medicine published in 2013. What the scientists found is that surprisingly a high level of testosterone is correlated with a weakening immune response. What they found most perplexing is why a hormone that provides strength and risk-taking propensity would also leave your immune system vulnerable. 

As traders I think there is wonderful evolutionary message embedded in this discovery. When you have made a great trade you typically feel like King Kong. You usually have lots of testosterone coursing through your veins.

What is important to realise is that it’s at this time that you are most vulnerable, physiologically your immunity is weaker and psychologically your guards are down. 

Let’s learn a trading message from my man flu, when you are feeling your most confident and strong, paradoxically you are also at a “weak” point. You have been warned.   

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