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Meeting your Inner Devil

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C.S. Lewis the author of the famous Chronicles of Narnia wrote a brilliant and hilarious portrayal of a devil in The Screwtape Letters. Lewis was a professor at both Cambridge and Oxford and explored many theological ideas.

In The Screwtape Letters you are exposed to an enlightening communication between two devils, Screwtape a senior devil and his nephew Wormwood who is new to the business. In the exchange you witness Screwtape giving his nephew, who is at Devil School, tips on how to distance his “patient” a young Christian from the “enemy” who is God.

What is brilliant is how C.S. Lewis is showing us the work of the “devil” from the inside. All religions have their own version of what the devil is but I think for the sake of this letter we can all agree, the devil is that inner voice that encourages us to do things we know we shouldn’t be doing.

Lewis provides you with tremendous insight into the inner war that takes place between these 2 inner voices. The one that wants to do good and the one that wants to indulge in pursuits that you know are not good for you.


So what has this got to do with trading?

I honestly believe trading provides you with the greatest gift of self discovery. When you trade, all your emotions are magnified. Within the trading experience you are provided the opportunity to reflect on these emotions through the prism of a lens of greed and fear.

Most of us know when we are doing something “naughty” in our trading, but we do it anyway. By being brave and going inside the mind of the “devil” we are often able to see how silly the motivation for doing the wrong thing is. Only once armed with this knowledge can we wage an effective war and win.

In conclusion, I want to suggest a very simple but effective strategy for conquering your devil in trading. Write down the conversation you have with yourself before, during and after you trade. Capturing this inner conversation, much like Screwtape and Wormwood did in their letters will provide you with a very powerful tool to overcome destructive trading behaviour.

We are currently working on an interesting journal feature which we plan to integrate into your PsyQuation experience.

Looking forward to more profitable trading together.

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