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New Leaderboard & some Myth Busting

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I write to you from one of my favourite cities in the world, New York. I am here to deliver a new presentation I have been working on called Myth Busting at the CMT’s Annual Symposium. I am honoured to have been invited to speak and hopefully it will all go well. I look forward to sharing this presentation with the PsyQuation community in coming weeks.

Yesterday we released some new features to the platform, many were under the hood improvements but the one noticeable feature is the new leaderboards. You can go to your account settings and tick the box to have your demo account appear on a dedicated Demo account Leaderboard. There are many of you who are seriously trading your demo accounts in an effort to improve your trading and we think it is important that you get to compare yourself against other demo account traders. You will also get to see the status of the different traders in our allocation program.

We continue to search for new traders to add to the AxiSelect incubation program run together with Axi. As discussed in previous letters, traders with $1k in equity, a PsyQuation Score™ of 75 or more and a track record of 6 months or longer will automatically qualify for inclusion and capital allocations.


Looking forward to more profitable trading together.
The PsyQuation Team

Updated Leaderboard: now including demo accounts Icarus and Ball Tamperer's