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The Persona Effect and Meeting a Central Bank Governor

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As an economist and global macro trader I have a strong interest in macroeconomic and central bank policy. Over the decades, I have read many articles and books on the subject.

Meeting a central bank governor

It was an incredibly rare treat to meet with a sitting central bank governor and actually chat with him. I feel very privileged to have met yesterday Dr Glenn Stevens, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Over the years I have written quite negatively about the role various central bankers have played in doing more harm to the economy than good. In this short note I want to write about it from a completely different perspective.

The Glenn Stevens personas

Carl Jung the Swiss psychiatrist who I am an unashamed devotee of writes about the persona as “a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and on the other to conceal the true nature of the individual”(Two Essays on Analytical Psychology 1953)

To a large degree this is the job of a central bank governor, his/her role is to portray a symbolic image to influence the way people perceive their policy message.

In my humble opinion, the reason why Glenn Stevens has been such an effective central bank governor, standing head and shoulders above his international counterparts, is because the personas of Glenn Stevens the central bank governor and Glenn Stevens the man are so closely aligned.

The masks people wear

As traders we wear many masks to position us favourably with our clients, with our friends, with our families and on a deeper level even to gain favour with ourselves. However these masks can be damaging if we become too attached to these artificial constructs and lose touch of other aspects of our psyche. We have all met these types of people who are too attached to their personas for instance the doctor who only talks medicine, the professor who only talks about theories, the athlete who only talks about his sport.

One of the benefits of the PsyQuation alert system is a process of what Jung describes as disintegration whereby the masks of the persona are broken down and one is confronted with their reality.

The PsyQuation experience can be confronting as we reveal aspects of your persona (“the great trader”) and introduce you to the real you. This is not bad this is great, and if you are committed to becoming the best, most profitable trader you can be, this is priceless.

Looking forward to more profitable trading together.

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