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We continue to actively look for traders to allocate capital to as part of the AxiSelect Incubation program.

If you have a PsyQuation Score 75 and above with a 6 months track record you will automatically qualify.

Last week we launched our Premium Trading Tool section with our Order Flow Sentiment indicator (OFSi). We are planning to release a new tool every 2 weeks. Next, we will launch the Trade Open Close (TOC) analysis tool.

We are also excited to let you know that we will be launching a mobile PsyQuation app to be released in early December for both IOS and Android phones.


Who Are You?

I recently came across a Japanese form of art called Kintsugi. In short, the idea is to take broken pottery and to repair it with liquid gold. Thus taking something broken and turning it into something more beautiful, stronger and valuable than its original form.

I absolutely love the philosophy behind this art form and think its message is so powerful for the trading community. As much as we would like to be the perfect trader from birth, it simply doesn’t work like this. Traders need to go through painful lessons to get better. I don’t think I have met a successful trader who hasn’t been “broken” in some shape or form. The successful ones are the ones who find the “liquid gold” and fashion themselves into a better trader than they were before.

Now to address the question of “who are you?”

I am often contacted by people new to the fund management world looking to begin a professional career as a trader. They tell me with frustration that they are such good traders and even show me their 1yr track record of great returns and then complain why can’t they get decent funding.

Let me offer a quick perspective from the other side of the fence, that being the allocator.

Firstly, achieving good returns for 1yr means very little when assessing someone’s skills as a trader. We use our PsyQuation Score to help us separate the skilled from the less skilled, but we are playing a numbers game. In isolation, a high PQ Score is not going to tell us someone will make money going forward. There is a large amount of wisdom in longer track records telling us more about likely future success.

Secondly, how much money are you currently managing? Common wisdom says if you want to start managing other peoples money or start a new business you should pitch to family and friends. I believe this is really sound logic and is typically how most get started. Think about it, these are the people who know you best they have seen how you have performed at school, university, work. They know if you are smart, lazy, a fool, a dreamer or someone who is likely to be successful. When someone is starting out with a limited track record like 6 months or even a year or two it is always comforting to see whether they have the backing of family and friends.

I know some of you will argue that your family and friends don’t have money so you couldn’t pitch to them and that is quite understandable. This is why PsyQuation is actively involved in allocations, to help level the playing field for those who don’t have access to friends and family with money.

I would like to make the following simple request.  Tell us who you are, share on your PsyQuation profile links to your blogs or social media accounts or simply email me. We are planning to build more integrations to our platform to help you build your online profile as well as update the design to make your profile page more prominent. I caution you, don’t expect the money just to flow because you have a high score or high returns. The more investors get to know who they are investing with the more chance you have of successfully growing the capital under your management.

We are hoping to have the investing side of our platform up and running in a few months time. It will become increasingly important to share your story on PsyQuation so investors know who you are.

All the best.


Trade Open Close Trading Tool PQ Release Notes 31.07.2018