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PsyQuation Backstory

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The idea leading to PsyQuation’s formation came about in mid 2013. At the time Vlad and I were working at a fintech startup that we started in early 2012; the company focused on incubating emerging traders using a sophisticated algorithm to measure a trader’s skill coefficient.

In 2013 one of the world’s largest FX brokers contacted us and enquired about ways in which we could work together, the courtship lasted about 6 months but for reasons beyond our control the deal never happened; however, the message they kept emphasizing struck a chord. They described how retaining clients was their biggest challenge and they were hoping we could work together to develop a software system that truly made their traders more profitable. The message from this particular broker is an important one for the broader industry and for traders in particular. Like all industries there are rotten apples, but brokers who are in business for the long haul and value their brand really want their traders to do well, this was really encouraging as we identified a business model where everyone’s a winner. This resonated strongly with us, and we knew one day we wanted to be part of the solution.

Making traders more profitable.

Before going further we need to emphasize that we are not implying our software will make you profitable, we are saying we will help you make more profits, this is an important distinction. In order for a trader to be profitable the trader needs an “edge”. We are not selling edge, or alpha as the industry likes to call it, because if we had this elusive and fleeting alpha we would certainly not be selling it, rather we would be trading it for our own account.

By now you are probably asking, “what is PsyQuation and what value will it offer me?”


PsyQuation stands for Psychology and Equations. I have a Ph.D. in Economics focusing on Behavioural Finance and have been a professional trader for more than a decade, Vladimir has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and together we have spent the last 5+ years working on quantitative & behavioural solutions for the trading community.

All traders are overwhelmed by cognitive biases (psychology) and neurochemical impulses (neuroscience) at some stage in their trading lifecycle. This is not done consciously and is part of the way our brains are hard-wired to cope with stressful uncertainty.

Trading optimally requires advanced quantitative skills which a minority of traders possess, and even those who do possess such advanced mathematical skills, experience impaired cognitive functioning when exposed to the stressors of making or losing money in the marketplace.

The PsyQuation slogan of deeper knowledge takes a holistic look at the traders behavioural and quantitative patterns and provides the trader with greater insights into their trading mistakes with corrective robo-advice using sophisticated machine-learning artificial-intelligence.

With our academic and institutional background we have spent years researching and refining most of the tools the industry has on offer; and through our experience we have learned that many of these tools offer marginal if any added value, but can significantly contribute to the traders confusion. It is with this in mind that we have approached the design of our software user-interface with a less is more philosophy.

PsyQuation traders won’t need to decipher dozens of metrics that are either redundant or offer no statistically significant advantage. We want you to trust us, remember – we are the doctors ?, we will do the heavy-lifting, we will ensure that optimal bias free advice is at your service 24/7. By following our advice we are confident that you will make more money – the rest is up to you.


The most important feature that PsyQuation software provides you with is your own robotic coach. The system has been designed to learn from the broader environment and from the individual traders behaviour to alert the trader when mistakes are being made, along with suggested remedial action to improve profitability. Not all advice will be the same for every trader; rather we have designed a robo-coach that calibrates advice to each trader’s personal risk profile.

PsyQuation software profiles behaviour from a quantitative, psychological and biometric point of view pioneering new advances in the application of these fields of study.

We are the first to provide traders with intraday equity curve charting and statistical analysis from account inception, with our additional data points providing deeper knowledge.

For a trader to be successful they need a strong defence system. We have built an advanced intraday risk monitoring system that gives traders a probabilistic edge by triggering an early warning alert.

Value Add

To achieve our goal of building something meaningful and robust that will disrupt the industry we have handpicked a team of highly skilled individuals comprising 7 Ph.D. and 2 Masters degrees in diverse but relevant fields.

We also felt that PsyQuation should be FREE in its basic form so that users can judge for themselves if value is being added.

PsyQuation has teamed up with successful professional trader Kevin Saunders to run PsyQuation University. Kevin has a background in training and education and brings important trading experience to our education process.

In summary PsyQuation provides a unique educational and empowerment tool for the man in the street, it provides you with your own team of mathematicians, psychologists, coaches, economists, computer scientists, physicists, statisticians on tap 24/7 |  Deeper Knowledge


To learn more about PsyQuation and our Early Registration offer, visit our website and please let your friends know about us.


The PsyQuation Team

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