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PsyQuation Goes Live

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PsyQuation goes live.

We are delighted to say the moment of truth has arrived and we are open for business and ready to let our feedback loop alert system help your trading performance.

We have been working almost non-stop for the past several months to bring you what we believe is the first Robo Trading Coach. We believe we all need some help in some areas of our lives. And as traders we can definitely benefit from a coach who can point to us our weaknesses and strengths.

First Robo Trading Coach

The PsyQuation Robo Trading Coach is aimed at doing that exactly – pointing out the costly mistakes traders make.

Something not all of you may be aware of, our alerts not only notify you when you are making mistakes. But it will also give you a positive reinforcement component to the alerts which will trigger at certain check points. The idea is to help notify you that you are tracking positively towards your goals.

We would like to say a big thank you to our broker partners who have supported and encouraged us along our path to launch, and would like to thank them for investing in the success of their clients.


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