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PsyQuation Hero’s Group

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Let me introduce an idea that is either going to work or leave me feeling a little deflated and perhaps embarrassed.

I have had an idea of creating a group with like minded traders wanting to grow on a much deeper level. Let me introduce you to the launch of PsyQuation Hero’s Group.

Mission Statement

This is a group for PsyQuation Premium members who are committed to growth as traders and as human beings. This group is a hero’s journey into what makes us tick as human’s and how our uniqueness helps and hurts our trading. I have been a professional trader for 18yrs and a trader for 35yrs. I have spent more than 15yrs in therapy working with trading psychologists and psychologists in general. I have a Ph.D. in Behavioural Finance and I have spent the last 25+yrs in deep study across a very broad section of subjects, such as economics, finance, technical analysis, psychology, sociology, religion, philosophy, coding, machine learning, etc.. Recently I have been quite taken with the power of technology such as Zoom where we can have face to face discussions with a fairly large number of people.

I am a HUGE believer in debriefing and discussing “issues” that are affecting ones daily life on both a personal and professional level. I want to try do something meaningful with my limited time that I believe will help some people and I know I will grow from the experience. So here is what I am proposing:

This group will be restricted to PsyQuation premium members. That is you will need to have an Axi account to join this group. I will use the LinkedIn group as our chat group where all things related to the group will be discussed. However, this group will be different in that we will meet face to face for group session once a week. I will confirm the first meeting date and time in the group; it is probably going to happen on Thursday nights Sydney time zone at 8:00 p.m. commencing on the 17th of October.

Please see the rules for the group here. I am going to be extremely strict with these rules as the only chance this group has to grow and flourish is if we all feel safe and secure. I believe all who embark on a traders journey are Hero’s. However those who embark on the PsyQuation Hero’s Journey are Superhero’s in my book. ?

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