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PsyQuation Robo-Advice Results

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For the last year you have heard me say “trust me I am a doctor – if you follow the PsyQuation alerts you will make more profits”. Well I have some news for you, I was right!

For the last 2 months we have run the most real life laboratory experiment (backtest) we could do, and yes it took our dedicated server 2 months to compute – well done Andrii you make me proud (I hate to think what I would have said to you if it crashed half way ?).

Let me get to the point. Our backtest was careful to include only alerts that were hindsight bias free and the accounts were randomly chosen from our large database (13,000 accounts & 16 million trades).

Our results show that if traders followed the PsyQuation Robo-Advice they would have been on average 39% more profitable – that is quite outstanding. The median performance for our sample was a loss of -36% and by adjusting these accounts according to our robo-advice the median performance became profitable with over 3% performance.

We are not saying that we will always be able to make your performance profitable but according to our research we are confident that our software can make you more profitable and according to our research it is substantial (39%).

It is part of human nature to be defensive when told that we are not perfect, unfortunately ignoring objective professional advice when your mistakes are of a trading nature is very costly. We encourage you to try our software its FREE and see how it makes you more profitable.

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