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PsyQuation Update, New Forex Brokers & Internal Trading Competition

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Introducing an Internal Trading Competition – Case Study

Let me start by saying that this is probably unfair of me to post my performance as I hit a new high water mark and Vlad is at a new low. However when in competition it is important to get into your opponents head and us Aussies are good at doing that ?.

The first chart is a dashboard of my performance this month, I will do a more in-depth tutorial on my performance in the coming days, I just wish to gloat with my current superior performance. What I am also proud of is that I have not triggered any alerts over this period which is more than I can say for my colleague.



You can see that I am currently ahead of the goal I set for myself at the outset of this journey and it places me in the top 4% of traders according to our database – Platinum League baby!


For all the gloating I know that it is early days and lots can still happen. I might also add that we currently don’t have a trading around news alert active. If we did I would have triggered it yesterday as I traded 15 minutes before the Australian RBA announced their interest rate decision. This was a rookie mistake of mine and really angered me, as I was stopped out of a position that would have been very profitable. [we are likely to include this alert shortly].

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