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Rule 4# Compare Yourself to Who You Were Yesterday, Not to Who Someone Else is Today

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Today is a major milestone in the Berman family. In the next hour we will have no kids at school. For 11.5yrs this kid would not do any work. He is on medication for ADD and has had no interest in doing school work for 98.5% of his time at school. Then about 3 months ago something clicked, he devised a study time table and started working. In the 3 most important months of his school career we have not once told him to go and study or do anything parents typically have to say to their kids who are messing around.


I honestly do not care about his marks. The pride and joy I have received from watching a wonderful kid learn to become self motivated and disciplined and take steps to achieving his potential is a dream come true for this parent.


In Jordan Peterson’s best seller 12 Rules# he lists as Rule 4# the need to look at where you have come from and not compare yourself to others. I had this rule in mind for my sons final stint at school. I think we can all apply this rule to our trading as well as other aspects of our life.


The world has become so small with technology today. In the old days you might compare yourself to a trader in Chicago or Dublin. In today’s connected world you are not comparing yourself to someone local but rather to someone global. The confidence some of us enjoyed growing up in small towns is lost, being the best at something in Port Elizabeth in the 80’s probably means that in todays global village you are only slightly better than average. These subtle differences are having meaningful impacts on the psychological growth of society.


A much better way to live your life is not to compare yourself to others, rather look at how far you have come from the person/trader you were yesterday.

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