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The Good Inside

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Last week my letter titled “The Evil Inside” seemed to strike a chord for many, this week it is only fitting to continue with “The Good Inside”. It is a big honour that so many people felt comfortable enough to share their inner most thoughts with me. I encourage you to always feel free to reply to my emails if you have something on your mind that you feel needs to be shared and I will do my best to help if I can.


In my day to day life I come into close contact with people who are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and people who are broke. I know some of you reading this don’t get to hang out with multi millionaires so let me share an insight with you having spent lots of time with very wealthy people.


It doesn’t mean because you have lots of money that you will be happy and fulfilled. I meet plenty of wealthy people who are riddled with complexes and are deeply unhappy with their lives. Most of us falsely believe that having more money is what we need to make us happy, I am writing this to myself as much as I am writing to you, so don’t think I am lecturing.


On the other side of the spectrum I meet people with no money and I see some of the happiest most fulfilled people I have ever met. Why is this the case?


People who are happy tend to have purpose. However having purpose on its own I don’t think produces lasting happiness. I believe trying to do something good that helps you, your family, friends, community, society will go a long way to making you feel Good Inside.


You are probably wondering, what the hell does this have to do with trading success?


Taking a large random sample of non PsyQuation traders, only 25.68% of them are profitable. I am proud to say when taking a large random sample of PsyQuation traders 37.07% of them are profitable. That means PsyQuation users on average are profitable 44% more of the time than the general MT4 trading community.


The reason why I shared that wealth doesn’t make you happy and that a very small % of traders are profitable is to help you set better more realistic goals.


I meet traders every day who somehow think they are blessed and will achieve goals of 5 – 10% returns per month. I really want to try and shake this mistaken expectation from your trading mindset.


If for whatever reason your financial circumstances can only afford a $1,000 trading account. Please please stop dreaming of getting rich from this account in that it will be worth $100’s of thousands or even millions. It really isn’t likely to happen. Rather focus on trading this account consistently, achieving solid risk adjusted returns. From this account with as little as a 10% return ($100) you have a much better chance of achieving financial success if you demonstrate your ability to manage money on a platform like PsyQuation, a merit based AxiSelect Incubation program where you will be given proprietary capital up to $350,000 and then through the PsyQuation Copy Trading platform you could be managing millions. I am not assuring anyone that this will happen to you I am just suggesting you have far more chance of achieving financial success this way than chasing an impossible dream.


In conclusion, having lots of money doesn’t necessarily make you happy. To achieve happiness set yourself a goal to do good, we all have good inside and sharing it will make our lives and others around so much better. With your trading set yourself realistic goals, don’t think that you are so special that you will achieve consistent returns of 5% a month. Rather take the account you have no matter how small it is and trade it well. We are watching you, we are looking for talent and we will help take you all the way.


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