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Trade Open Close Trading Tool

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I got a lot of feedback from people introducing themselves, I want to encourage you to introduce yourself. There are a couple of reasons: understanding more about our community helps us develop a platform that caters to your needs; secondly getting to know someone takes time so it’s always good to get in early and make yourself known.

We continue to actively look for traders to allocate capital to as part of the AxiSelect Incubation program. If you have a PsyQuation Score above 75 with a 6 months track record you will automatically qualify.

Last week we launched our second Trading Tool with the Trade Open Close (TOC) analysis tool. You can see in this example how this trader has a strategy of multiple trade entries for a particular trade.



Can We?

People in sales face a lot of rejection. Have you ever wondered how these people face the day ahead when they know that most of the day will be confronting rude people saying NO. The truth is sales people struggle as they are human after all.

There are lots of techniques out there that “help” sales people get ready for the day ahead. Most of them follow the Tony Robins school of thought, i.e. getting in a huddle shouting war cry’s and other motivating mantra’s.

I am going to introduce you to some counter intuitive thinking.

Researchers from the University of Illinois and Southern Mississippi Senay, Albarracin and Noguchi found that groups of people who introduced self-questioning outperformed by more than 50% the self-affirming groups.

Subsequent research studies confirmed the findings that people who asked themselves questions like can we? performed much better than people who said to themselves that they are great and can do anything. Posing questions to yourself forces your subconscious mind to think laterally and creatively in an attempt to figure out ways to solve problems.

I believe this approach is an amazing lesson to take into your trading day. I have mentioned more than enough times that most traders lose. This means that traders facing another trading day are likely to confront a lot of negativity through the day. How to approach this negativity?

Starting your trading day telling yourself that you are great and you got everything covered is more than likely to lead to negative results. Why not try something subtle that is probably going to lead to better results. I recommend that you start your trading day with the following question to yourself.


Can I make my trading strategy work today?


Empirical Risk Parity Preview Trade Open Close Tool