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Why a Trader Should Use PsyQuation

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About PsyQuation

PsyQuation is a platform for identifying and developing trading talent. The platform provides traders with risk & behavioural robo-advice, the PSY Score™ for matching talent with capital, areas of focus for trader development, visual-risk intraday charting, statistical reports on individual & community performance, and artificial-intelligence (A.I.) derived market signals.
PsyQuation comprises a team of world class experts in trading psychology, behavioural economics, quantitative finance, complex mathematical solutions, software development and decades of experience trading money professionally.
Trader Benefits

As traders we often make mistakes due to the way our mind deals with uncertainty and the primary human emotion of fear and greed.
PsyQuation software uses sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to help you identify these mistakes and provides you with suggestions how to correct them via simple alert notifications.
A PsyQuation team of expert data scientists and behaviourists have defined and coded what they consider to be a trading “mistake”, based on these definitions and demonstrated by comprehensive research it has found that if PsyQuation users follow key alert notifications and suggestions they are likely to improve their performance on average by more than 39%[1].

In the chart below you can see how the alerts add value when you break the performance up to months since inception. As you can see backtest is consistently adding value every month.

[1] PsyQuation research was conducted on 154 random accounts, the median performance of these accounts in their original was -36%. The research backtest used 5 alerts (VaR, Over-Leverage, Duration, Martingale, Dollar Cost Average) that would be appropriate to apply in a backtest. Performance improved to 3% – please email for further questions.

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