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Traders Taking a Thrashing

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I am currently experiencing a significant increase in the number of tasks I am responsible for. I am also spending a lot of time contemplating computer load design.

Computers multitask through a process called “threading”. Think of a juggler tossing balls in the air. The problem with adding balls/threads is that you eventually only have to add one more ball that you cannot manage, and you will suddenly drop all the balls/threads. This critical point is called “Thrashing” .

In 1960 one of the leaders in the field of computer multitasking MIT trained Peter Denning released a seminal paper with some clear instructions how to avoid – thrashing.

As someone who is quite self reflective, I have been contemplating how I can avoid “thrashing ” in my daily routine, and importantly for this letter how can I extract some benefit for the PsyQuation community.

According to Denning there are 2 obvious ways to avoid thrashing. First, don’t take on too many tasks. Second, increase the size of your RAM. This is all well and good, I don’t think there are bigger brains on offer in the market place ?. Let us rather focus on getting out of a thrashing situation when we are in it.

One way out of the situation according to Denning is to randomly start doing tasks, to simply make some progress, any progress. People make the mistake of trying sort through what they believe to be the most important tasks. The problem with this strategy is that sorting draws heavily on an already overloaded system and will therefore simply result in you getting stuck.

This is precisely the situation many traders face. With the increase in technology availability, traders are faced with even more access to information and dozens of additional bells and whistles. Most of the time this is nothing more than information overload, setting the trader up for a “thrashing” .

Our goal at PsyQuation is to provide the trader with useful information and avoid overloading the user experience with noise; we believe less is more .

Well this letter wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t tie it back to our alerts . We all make mistakes so its natural at some point to find your trading account in a crisis situation where you feel like a, “deer in the headlights”. A trader been thrashed is in no position to work out what to do first, so I write this note to me and the PsyQuation team to ensure that we build into our alert delivery a hierarchy of priority – PsyQuation Triage.

Looking forward to more profitable trading together.

The PsyQuation Team

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