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Trading with Grace

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Trading with Grace

By David Hobart


Grace. There are many definitions; a simple and common one is “elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion or action.”

The origin of the word grace can be traced back through the centuries; my favourite comes from 12th century France – “God’s favor or help”.

Putting these two meanings together captures the essence of grace (as best that the limitations of language will allow). To observe grace, is to see elegance or beauty that seems divinely inspired. In the world, but not of it.

One can observe grace in action wherever one looks. In nature it is most obvious; in people when they are inspired and aligned with their purpose and fully engaged in the moment. Sports people, artists, accountants or politicians; all have access to this state of elegance, if they are true to their calling and completely engaged in their craft.

In trading, grace cannot be experienced anywhere other than in this moment. It is as though the illusion of time is condensed into one moment; where all of the past and the future meet.  In this moment, the only moment that exists in reality, all knowledge and insight is available to us.

Through the experience of grace, it is as though all the wisdom from the past and the secrets of the future are compressed; where the past and the future become one. In my experience, this state of grace is accompanied with an overwhelming sense of gratitude; in observance of the wonder of life and rich in an experience of joy and well-being. Here, there is no attachment, no fear or concern for the future; it is a place to observe and to act without judgement. In my article titled Attachment & the Ego, I outlined the idea of having two wills. Grace is where these two wills meet.

Importantly, as a discretionary trader, it is difficult to trade well when out of this state. If your life is unbalanced and you are reacting to the push and pull of the world around you, your trading results are likely to reflect this.

Through ensuring you have no obvious external distractions and the disciplined practice of identifying and clearing your attachments, you can regularly and on queue bring yourself into a state of grace. Grace is simply a choice. By recognizing this, you will gain a sense of control over your feelings and consequently, your life will begin to shift in the direction that you want.


About David Hobart

David has been a trader and portfolio manager since 1994. He has managed teams of traders for global investment banks and hedge funds including BT, Macquarie, ABN Amro and Blue Sky Alternative Investments. He has worked with numerous traders and portfolio managers as a trading coach/performance consultant. For a detailed review of David’s CV, please see his LinkedIn profile.


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