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A Women of Valor, The Lord of the Rings & a Traders Journey

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An accomplished woman,who can find far beyond pearls is her value. Her husband’s heart relies on her and he shall lack no fortune. She repays his good, but not his harm, all the days of her life. Today is my 21st wedding anniversary to the women of my dreams and this is the song I sing to her every Friday night at the dinner table, learned from an ancient Jewish custom.

My wife is the most tenacious person I know and has faced and continues to face more than her fair share of challenges, yet she does so with a positive disposition, good humour and seldom complains – she really is one in a billion. To be a successful trader requires tremendous tenacity and I thought the anecdote I am about to share displays some of this grit and never say die attitude that is required from anyone wanting to achieve success against the odds, and trading is against the odds.

Three years ago on a Sunday morning we went outside and found Ilana’s front bumper and grill completely smashed lying on the road no longer attached to her car. There was a note on her wind shield with a fake mobile number. What do you do in this situation, where do you start? Ilana was determined that we shouldn’t have to pay the $650 excess for someone else’s mistake. So she started knocking on doors asking people had they seen anything. We knew there were a couple of parties in the street that night so she honed in on a few “suspects”. Each person she spoke to drew a blank and said they never saw or heard anything. Until 10 days after the event she bumped into a guy (excuse the pun) who said while he wasn’t around that night he was willing to call some of his friends to ask if they saw something.

Well what do you know, about an hour later Ilana gets a call to say that not only did this guy locate a friend who witnessed the incident, the guy who crashed her car was a taxi driver that he had booked through Uber so he had all his details. But finding the culprit was the easy part extracting the $650 was a whole other story. Ilana can be quite persuasive, and the image of a dog with a bone comes to mind when it comes to hanging on until she gets what she wants. Needless to say after multiple threats to Mr Taxi driver she got her money ?. This is a just a small example of no matter how remote the chance of success if you want to succeed you have to try.

In Robin Robinson’s book The Shadow’s Gift he writes one of the most poignant messages of hope in his description of the hardship of the journey in Lord of the Rings. When Sam offers to carry the ring for him, Frodo refuses. “No, no Sam,” he said sadly. “But you must understand. It is my burden, and no one else can bear it.”

Each of us in some way comes to a point in our lives, where we realize that no one else can bear our burden, no matter how much they love us. This is the loneliest place on the journey, but ironically usually the beginning of the realisation why we needed the journey in the first place. Only someone who has struggled with the shadow can come to this recognition.

I believe most traders encounter this lonely journey but the ones who embrace it and dig deep looking for meaning in the suffering often come out whole (profitable) on the other side.

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